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Cleaning my Dust Collector’s Canister Filter

The first sign that there was a problem was that my jointer kept clogging up my pipes.  Chips started ejecting from the cutter head instead of disappearing neatly into the plumbing.  Planing a stack of maple boards for some cabinet … Continue reading

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Bench Dogs with Teeth

My workbench has 3/4″ round dog holes for surface clamping with my Veritas Twin Screw end vise.  Most of the time, I use short lengths of store-bought hard wood dowel as dogs.  This approach has been a little frustrating because … Continue reading

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Installing a Cast Iron Router Wing in my Ridgid TS3650

General International offers these cast iron router tables that happen to also fit as table saw wings.  Their website doesn’t really have much/any info about it as I write this – it’s linked as an accessory to a router table … Continue reading

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Upgrading a Delta 50-760 Dust Collector with a Canister Filter

Dust collection seems to get people riled up for some reason.  I haven’t a clue why.  Searching forums and websites about it will reveal dozens of conflicting reports, differing opinions, information and misinformation.  After spending all together too much time … Continue reading

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Bench Stand-offs

Lee Valley recently started offering a non-slip pad material in 1″, 2″ and puck-sized self-adhesive discs.  They even sell the pucks.  Well… if you’re on the fence about these, don’t give it a second thought.  What a useful product! I … Continue reading

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Flip Top Tool Cart

My shop’s small.  Real small.  It’s so small that once, I actually moved a power outlet to reclaim a square foot of wall space to hang something on.  So when it comes to making use of space, I’m really careful … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Router Circle Jig

I needed to cut some fairly accurate circular holes and arcs in some 0.220″ acrylic sheet and MDF.  Ordinarily, I’d use my bandsaw circle cutting jig to cut arcs and circles, but in this case, the waste piece was the … Continue reading

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Sharpening an Oval Skew without creating facets

I have a couple of oval skew turning chisels.  A lot of the comments I’ve seen about oval skews indicate that a major flaw with them is that they’re quite difficult to sharpen.  My skills at the grinder leave much … Continue reading

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Shop Electrical

So I was completely fed up with tripping over extension cords and spending almost as much time plugging in and unplugging machines as using them.  When I started, I had 2 duplex outlets on the same circuit as the lights … Continue reading

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A Little Tool Cabinet

I built this tool cabinet to replace a 4′ square of pegboard that I had screwed to the wall.  Originally, I had my workbench in that space and it made sense that the pegboard would be there to hold all … Continue reading

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