Things I've made and what making them taught me

I love to build things. During the day, I’m an independent software developer.  I’ve worked on several different types of systems for different clients ranging from major banks to dot-com startups, and I’m happy enough making my living at it.  After spending a day in front of a computer typing away, it’s nice to use my hands for something other than hitting keys.  Building physical things gives me a bit of balance, and lets me do something where I can see and touch what I’ve accomplished.

Recently, I’ve been building things out of wood in particular.  Since I’ve found so many blogs and personal websites so educational, I decided that I would try and add something to the discussion.

I’m mostly interested in building furniture, and I throw in some turning in between just to keep things interesting.  I also enjoy home renovation and maintenance projects more than I ever figured I would before I owned a home.

In this blog, I intend to document in pictures, video and words, the things that I’ve built and what I learned building them.