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Surfacing and Thickness Planing with a Router

Fine Woodworking recently ran an article about surfacing live edge slabs with a router.  I have to admit, that got me thinking about doing a live edge table.  So I got out the router sled that I built to surface … Continue reading

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Bent Lamination

A project I’m working on incorporates a 40″ diameter arch as a key design feature.  This being the first bent lamination I’ve tried, I took some pictures I figured I’d share here.  I chose to use epoxy for the lamination … Continue reading

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Flip Top Tool Cart

My shop’s small.  Real small.  It’s so small that once, I actually moved a power outlet to reclaim a square foot of wall space to hang something on.  So when it comes to making use of space, I’m really careful … Continue reading

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An Outdoor Table

I was given an old glass table top when I first started making things and it sat in my basement for a few years basically gathering dust until this summer.  Having finally finished my deck railing, I decided I needed … Continue reading

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