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Here, the front rail for the fence has been removed. The cylinder is actually a small roll of stainless steel shim stock I picked up at a nearby industrial fastener store.

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  1. Mike Mahan says:

    I have the R4512 as well. I noticed in another comment you said you had built your own fence. The lift is Jessem, are you using any other Jessem products (stock guides, etc). There are so many options out there for a table extension and I do not want to waste money (as I have in previous learning experiences).
    Any suggestions or ideas on the fence? You’re feedback is very much appreciated. Stay warm. :)

    • derek says:

      I am kind of shocked but it looks like I don’t have any pictures of my fence. I will have to take some and write that up one day. My fence is a little bit like this one, and it was secured to the table saw fence using the T-slots and T-bolts.

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